Salon Massage

Keep your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by experiencing a message from one of our Future Wave professionals. Massages also help improve your blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Massage Options

At Future Wave we have many massage options for you to explore:

  • Swedish Massage– Relax your entire body with this popular type of massage that rubs muscles with long, gliding strokes.

  • Hot Stone Massage– We melt away tension and stiffness in the muscle by placing hot stones on the key pressure points of your body.

  • Prenatal Massage– Receive a massage during pregnancy to reduce stress of the expecting mother and to have a healthier pregnancy experience.

Aveda Massage Oils

All natural, just the way you like it. And you know, since we use Aveda Massage Oils, that we are using the best for you and your body. It will make you feel beautiful inside and out.